Body and Soul in Jazz à Oloron

2016-06-22 | Categories:

Jazz à OloronJune 24 to July 3rd, 2016, exhibit of the series l'Etre & le Corps (Being and the Body), with Rose-Marie Camara's paintings and the Oloron Photo-Club, in the lobby of the hall Jéliote during the Jazz Festival in Oloron-Sainte-Marie, helping the audience to wait before the concerts of: Triosence, major trio of the German jazz scene, for the first time in France; Ana Carla Maza Latin-jazz duo with his father Carlos Maza, Pascal SCHUMACHER, a reference to the vibraphone, Nicolas FOLMER and very groovy project, Huckleberry BESSON 2015 winner of the Academy of jazz, Shai Maestro and remarkable trio; "events concerts" Lisa Simone's daughter Nina sings "My World", Paolo FRESU with its talented and inspired Italian quartet, Hugh COLTMAN that pays tribute to Nat King Cole, Lars Danielsson with his Liberetto group II and Ron CARTER Strike and Golden Trio.

Photos of the exhibit

Plus d'infos sur le festival : jazzoloron.com




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