20th century Heritage Label exhibit

2016-10-20 | Categories:

Inauguration Tuesday, October 18th, 2016, at the Pavilion of Arts in Pau of the exhibition on the architectural heritage of the twentieth century in the city of Pau, where three buildings were approved: the Pavilion of Arts therefore, St Pierre's church of and the Courrèges factory.

The exhibition consists of four boards, designed by myself : an introduction and a presentation of for each site. They were printed directly on Eternit support.

Present, the crew of the Architecture Pavilion, producer of the exhibition, Vivianne Delpech for the Pavilion of Arts, Sukey Chacon for St. Pierre's Church, Eric Larribau and Jean-Michel Lamaison, architects of Courrèges factory, Pascal André (Eternit) which provided and printed panels and Caroline Cousin for the City of Art and History program.

Photos of the exhibit and the inauguration.




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