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Kaida - HomeKaida Gallery opens the doors of its new HOME on September 12, 2010 !Now located at 36 Scout Santiago St. corner Scout de Guia, Diliman, Quezon City, Kaida Gallery renews its commitment to creating a sanctuary for contemporary Filipino artists. Home is a collection of recent artworks by only a few numbers more than Kaida's house number 36. Artists of different backgrounds, styles and media with their individual art scene personas were invited to participate in the exhibition, to welcome them into the new space that is bound to be another venue for creativity, innovativeness and barrier-breaking endeavors. Geographically, we all have a strong sense of home with a place that means a safe dwelling where we can be ourselves, a certain place that accepts us for who we are or who we used to be, and is looking forward to witnessing who we might become. Kaida Gallery would like to be this haven for artists and art lovers alike, offering a warm, comfortable space where we can communicate our concepts and converse with pieces of art that reflect our state of mind, feelings, emotions, and even dreams.As Kaida Gallery shows its unrelenting support for its roster of artists, it does not refute the fact that art is an ever-dynamic genre that aims to stretch the limitations of one's imagination and showcase the various, sometimes yet-undefined guises of beauty. In Home, the public is invited to partake of the gallery's new abode, replete with workings of the personalities that it considers family.Home features the works of Mohammad Al-Rashdi, LJ Ablola, Anna Leah Aldaba, Ral Arrogante, Ralph Barrientos, Benjie Cabangis, Benjie Torrado Cabrera, Demosthenes Campos, Jandy Carvajal, Buds Convocar, Herald Corpus, Camille dela Rosa, Bong Ducat, Kat Fallaria, Emman Farol, Jazz Gabriel, Alee Garibay, Paola Germar, Eric Guazon, Romeo Gutierrez, Fitz Herrera, Rico Lascano, Mylene Lising, Ralph Lumbres, Joyce Mallari, Marc Malto, Pierre Emmanuel Michel, Poch Naval, Aya Ng, Vicente Pado, Veronica Pee, Sam Penaso, Rhoda Recto, Issay Rodriguez, Eghai Roxas, Eman Servito, Ed Simon, Myles Sinag, Luis Singson, Dexter Sy, Resty Tica, Nikki Valenzuela, Frances Vidal and Jeona Zoleta.Kaida Gallery opens its Home on September 12 at six o'clock in the evening and will keep the exhibition on display until September 26. For more details, please contact +639279297129 or aidahysg@yahoo.com.

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