Oloron Jazz expo at Pau airport

2015-05-26 | Categories:

Salon du livre OloronJune 1st to July 5th, an exhibit of 4 posters and 8 ambiance photographs in the main hall of Pau Airport to promote the Jazz in Oloron Jazz Festival starring : 25/06 Fred Perreard (4tet), 26/06 Raúl Paz (5tet), 27/06 A. Lopez Gavilan & H. Lopez Nussa, 27/06 E. Legnini / S. Nkaké / M. Tootsie, 28/06 Avishaï Cohen (trio), 28/06 Harold Lopez Nussa (4tet), 02/07 E. Bibb / J.J. Milteau / L. Crockket (trio), 03/07 Gogo Penguin trio, 04/07 G. Privat / S. Troupé Duo, 04/07 J. Schwarz-Bart (6tet), 05/07 Ester Rada (8tet), 05/07 Roy Hargrove (5tet)

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