Pierre-Emmanuel Michel, freelance photographer, graphic designer, visual artist.

Image professional

Graphic designer, photographer, based since 2011 in Oloron Sainte-Marie, French Pyrenees, I mostly lived and/or worked in Paris, Bordeaux, Manila as freelance or in-agency Art director. Global and local from my adoptive region, Aquitaine, in the south-west of France, I collaborated with Europe, USA, Canada, Asia, mainly the Philippines. Since 2010, I'm developping an artistic work, especially with photography.


Photography is a natural extension of my background, finding in reality another incarnation, a complement to my pictorial work, mostly in art, architecture, travel, documentary photography, in France and abroad.

20 years of Web design

My father was a computer teacher, so I was almost born with a computer in hands : following technology evolution is instinctive. Also, my professional career, which began with the widespread use of desktop publishing in the early 1990s, and soon after that of the Internet, enabled me to start creating websites as early as 1997.
This explains in large part the richness of this website, which, fueled for about twenty years, can serves as much showcase as a graphic and technological laboratory!


Between January 2009 and 2016, I've been going regularly across the Philippines country to draw the warm and friendly vibrations that my artistic work tries to share through image. I also travel Europe, Spain especially, North America, looking for inspiration in scenics and cities.


If my artistic work can be shown in exhibits, sharing is also possible with workshops and conferences for organizations, students, galleries or photo-clubs

A global approach

Since my forties, it is embodied through the combination of many elements in personal, professional, artistic actions:

  • Places: cities, mountains, interiors, landscapes, ...
  • Moments: prepared, improvised, given, ...
  • Tools: photography, graphic design, writing, ...
  • Encounters: people, objects, lights, ...

A personal way that has developed over time, made of experiments, projects, trips, meetings, doubts and certainties ...


Fascinated by the image since childhood, first by its formal dimension, technical side, then and especially by its relation to the meaning, its semantic, symbolic aspects ; visual representation has become over time a way of life.


Visual researches


Over 20 years of profesional and artistic experiences in/with France, Spain, UK, USA, Canada, Philippines, for local, national or international publications, brands, organizations.


Key points