Fine Art Photography

Here are 3 ways that can resume my artistic projects through photography ; the two first are mostly intented for printing or exhibitions, the last are more expemimental.

La Collection

Here's a selection of photographic projects, some where themes of exhibits in France or in the Philippines.





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Out of la Collection series, here are the photographic themes I mainly explore : the city, the architecture, the mountain, the night light.


The city is a landscape made of architecture, becoming alive as inhabited, lived. Sculpted by man, nature, time, each city has its own soul, matter of photographic exploration.


The Architecture

Base of my graphic inspiration, architecture, by its lines, volumes, voids, perspectives, drawing the picture's structure, is a perpetual source of visual attraction, whose motives are declinable ad infinitum.




The Mountain

Place of inspiration and breathing, the mountains, the Pyrenees in most of these cases, is a territory of endless researches, together intimate and universal. Nature is at work, leaving to the men the leisure or the challenge to live or travel the places where the tops and the voids inspires fear or attraction.



At night, the darkness is a stage where clarity acts. Enhanced by a supportive environnment, light carves the image of her radiant presence, giving to capture those moments of naturally fugacious and fragile existences.





Photography essays, various shapes, various tones, expressions...
These series explore, ask, try to give substance to an idea, a system, emotions...



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