Around the age of 11, Guernica from Picasso was my first art emotion, as it’s a so strong story and a painting full of symbols ; Teenager, Eric Buren surprised me for its minimalistic work, but with powerfull effects ; Art student, the Bauhaus, which was for long time the dominant inspiration on my graphic design.

I used to be really influenced by the cinema with directors like François Truffaut for its apparent simplicity, his simple accurate look on people, or Wim Wenders for the aesthetic, the construction ; Also by the litterature, Albert Camus, Peter Handke, Gabriel Garcia-Marquez, give me deeper visions and, at different levels, humanistic ambitions...

Nowadays, above any cultural references, my inspiration comes more from the places I travel, the people I meet, the feelings they give me, that I mostly want to express with photography or graphic design concepts.

I have the ambition for my art to become more responsible, so it can be useful, inspiring for the people.
It’s a long, endless way... a way of life.

Satori aoriste