Nebulous playful thoughts on a september 1st, 2015.


I may believe the way I use the image is instinctive. At least it became with time and practice. The technic, the writing, paper, software or photo, once assimilated, integrated, became a reflex... Like others use words, in poems, jokes, repartees, others their legs or arms in dribbles or danses, their fingers like card players or pickpockets, like in this great movie of Robert Bresson, in an innate manner, not saying easy, I use this light, this matter that creates our visual universe.

To paraphrase an other (Cartier-) Bresson, who putted on the same line head, eye and heart, I feel that head and eye are now only one, that, still guided by the instinct, the heart, I became a thinking eye.

Nevertheless, far to be a theorician, a philosophical concepts or deep thoughts seeker, instinct, intuition dominates me, I still feel primitive.

Surely, like the man or the monkey, unconscious of its own body sophistication, of the great machinery that lead our gestures, primitives, bestials, I use the tool like a natural limb, a transplant that is now body and soul...

Many times, when I do photography or drawings, I''m not looking to conceive, nor to understand. I do. I do, obvisously, lead by this insctinct, this visual, artistic pulsion. Automatic writing, printed by the ink on the paper or the light on the sensor. It became simple, natural, intuitive.

The spirit, the image, united. Intellectueye.


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