by Pierre-Emmanuel MICHEL


Original Loop | Mandala | Archipel | Triptyque : Rencontre - Where do you liveBal(l)lade

Original Loop

Original loop

The town. Lose yourself, find yourself.
No exit. Throughout the loop, an invitation to construct, experience, discover yourself in action, contemplation.

mini : 300x200cm



The circle. The quest for serenity.
The mandala is an active, inward-turning approach. Whether you allow it to unfold or plunge straight in, the city metamorphoses under the effect of meditation.

mini : 270x200cm



Tribute to the islands
In the Philippines Islands, overpopulation is an important issue. It must be everyone's concern, as everyone is part of the solution.

mini : 115x150cm


A triad. A balance of shapes and meanings
Each one with its own life, independent, yet complementary. The approach is minimalistic, complex or figurative, three visions seeking and finding balance, simplicity answering sophistication, the object as a synthesis, denoting the potential of things.

mini : 50x65cm



Even in a systemic world, the meeting - la rencontre - influences the course of things. Zoom in on a juncture where roles are exchanged in one interconnected movement.

Where do you live

Where do you live

Get lost in the multitude. The ultimate approach, a system lapping at its limits, the familiar diluted in the mass.
Going forward is a game, a labyrinth. It’s a riddle without an answer - but there’s always a way.



A balade is a walk, a ballade is a song. Playing on the musicality of the approach, a declinable graphic system, with melodic variations of shapes from from the graphic scale.
The system finds a meaning.