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Expressions - Le Conti

April 4th to June 6th, 2017 in Pau at the restaurant Le Conti, around the Grand Prix, exhibit of a selection of photographies on the theme of car racing.


The passion of cars, especially car racing, provides emotions that the photo often accompanies. With this series Expressions, the photographer Pierre-Emmanuel MICHEL seeks to render these sensations, playing with the shutter speed as we use the throttle.

These photographs were taken in 2014 during the Historical Grand Prix of Pau. Different disciplines have served as models for this aesthetic research, especially F3 Classic, 60’s Formula Ford, historical endurance GT, or the Pre-war legends.

Formal work, the artist uses photography as in watercolour, pure work without retouching, where the gesture, unique, must be the good one. In this spirit, each photograph in the series will be entitled to only one print, unique, exclusive work.

Made with the technique of slow exposure, without editing, in some abstraction of the real, an amplification of the movement, these images intends to be expressions of speed, expressions of feelings, expressions of emotions.

Expressions - Le Conti