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BCD, Bacolod, short trip for long impressions. Your eyes and your imagination can be captived by this strange wire world we live in, thought you barely notice it... And a return to basic instincts and simple pleasures like shopping, eating!

MNL, discover Manila from the Sky, a birds-eye-view of the city’s patchworks of colors and life: graphic impressions, and structural labyrinths from the mysterious early morning grays cloaking the city to the pulsating neons lights that beckon at night.

CDG is the code of Charles De Gaulle airport, this serie send you to Paris, here, and there, in a poetic walk, filled of instants of life, emotional moments frozen in time, with creative angles to give full of meaning crossing people, chasing birds...

BCD-MNL-CDG : Bacolod-Manila-ParisOrange Gallery2nd flr.Lopue's Annex Bldg.Mandalagan, Bacolod CityOpen Mondays- Fridays / 2 pm - 9 pmTel. No. (63-34) 7090604email: gallery.orange@yahoo.com

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