by Pierre-Emmanuel MICHEL


Pierre-Emmanuel MICHEL

Visual communication specialist, award-winning art director, photographer.

Graphics designer for almost 20 years, he mainly worked in advertising and interactive agencies, working aside his own artistic way.

After living for long time in Bordeaux, Paris, Manila (Philippines), he lives now in Oloron-Sainte-Marie, in the french Pyrénées mountains, where he created the gallery Existences.

His artistic approach, graphic design and photo, is filled from his trips in Europe, North America, Phillippines, getting from this country the warm and friendly wibes, shared via his photographic works.

On the other hand, his influence for ParadoxCity comes from Daniel Buren, MC Escher, Piet Mondrian, Bauhaus... to represent the city in a minimalistic but expressive way. Paradox City is the achievment of a graphical work started in the early 2000s, defining a formal frame, systemic, a real world open to all variants...

«Through graphic design, inward work, and photography, outward work, my work explores life and human experience in a quest of equilibriums.»

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